Introduction to Web Accessibility

I love to learn something about which I had no clue initially: web accessibility is one of these topics for me. I had no idea!

This week’s assignment in EdTech 502 was to research various issues relating to web accessibility and then design a page full of hot links to that information. I learned all sorts of things I had no idea about, like W3C guidelines and Section 508 standards that web designers should adhere to. I didn’t realize the number of assistive devices that help people with disabilities access the Internet, for example, or the variety of disabilities that require special assistance when browsing the Web.

I came away with a new responsibility as a future web designer and EdTech professional to ensure that accessibility features are enabled in everything I do. Browsers have many built-in accessibility tools, if designers will just make the extra effort to build them into their pages. The Internet is such a wonderful tool, and everyone should be able to fully utilize it.

I also relearned that writing code is not for the faint of heart. I worked very hard on this page and it still looks like my 9-year-old son designed it.  Nonetheless, I’m proud of it, and I’m really hoping this gets easier.


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