Mobile Learning Activity: Taj Mahal

We all know technology constantly changes, and that is certainly true for browser capabilities and handheld devices. This week in EdTech 502 we were asked to create a learning activity for students to use on their handheld devices while at that location. This type of learning is valuable and opens up many opportunities, as students have access to information anywhere they go, not just at school or at home. Many of my classmates posted activities to be used at local places of interest and they had some great ideas. Since we recently visited the Taj Mahal with our young children, I designed a learning activity to be used by 3rd to 5th grade students on their mobile phones while at the Taj Mahal. It’s not very realistic, I know, but it was fun.

What was not fun, however, was configuring various CSS style pages for different devices: print, screen, and handheld. Since handheld devices and browser adaptation change so fast, it’s nearly impossible to make a website compatible on all devices. My iPhone, for example, pulls up my full website, complete with banner and graphics, even though I designed a scaled-down version with anchored links and less graphics. Sorting out these details became very frustrating.

More than anything, I enjoyed creating my banner. I clipped one of my own photos of the Taj Mahal on top of another photo of detailed inlayed gemstones. I also created custom Taj Mahal bullets. Cool.


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