School Evaluation Summary

It’s easy to criticize schools, especially when it comes to the use of (or not enough use of) technology. Parents do it, teachers do it, even students do it. If you have never had to really evaluate your school based on a number of factors, you might want to look closer before voicing your opinion. It’s complicated.

This week in EdTech 501 I surveyed our school’s technology environment. As I became more familiar with the Technology Maturity Model and the Stages of Technology, I realized this was no easy task.

The Technology Maturity Benchmarks and Stages of Technology “link the technology resources to their use in every learning environment. In this way, the existing level of support for students, teachers and support staff can be determined. The premise is founded on the theory that both resource availability and behavioral changes are required to improve educational outcomes.”

The five organizational filters are: administrative, curricular, support, connectivity and innovation. Each of these levels of the organization are addressed with both behavioral and resource/infrastructure criteria.

I began by creating a Google survey form and sent it to a small mix of administrators, teachers, and technology committee members at my children’s school. I received enough responses to give me a good starting point. The results (using a pseudonym) are noted here:


As I analyzed these benchmarks, I realized that it takes a village to improve the technology environment in a school. There’s no easy solution, no magic device or gadget. Results are measured on a spectrum and continually adjust. Many intricate factors work together to create the overall picture. A detailed summary of the results are found here:


For this assignment, I polished my project management and collaboration skills, information-gathering and decision-making strategies, and formative evaluation technique. I think AECT would be pleased.

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