Tech Use Plan Presentation

It’s extremely gratifying to reach the end of my first semester in the EdTech program. I have worked hard to successfully juggle three courses, and I am looking forward to a break. However, I must admit I’m rather sad to end EdTech 501. It has been such an enjoyable course with an excellent instructor and it’s made me excited for the remainder of the EdTech program.

Our final project is the presentation below. For the last few weeks I have been analyzing technology use planning and the components of a well crafted technology plan. For this final presentation, I worked with three group members to create a Google doc presentation that we narrated in Slideshare.

Two AECT standards were met during this assignment:
3.1 Media Utilization: the systematic use of resources for learning
For this assignment I used various resources for collaborative learning and sharing, including Google apps (docs, presentation, survey) and Slideshare.
5.4 Long-Range Planning: focuses on the organization as a whole is strategic planning….Long-range is usually defined as a future period of about three to five years or longer. During strategic planning, managers are trying to decide in the present what must be done to ensure organizational success in the future.
Long-range planning was a key component of this assignment. I was required to proactively think through the next 3-5 years and develop a plan accordingly. Technology committees are tasked with continually assessing the present and planning for the future. This is a crucial role in the overall success of the school or institution.

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