Instructional Design Slideshow Overview

Instructional Design Slideshow

This assignment is actually a reading quiz on several chapters and articles. I am posting it here because I feel this is a good example of how a teacher can assess in a creative way that enables students to stretch in ways much broader than a standard assessment might do. I created a Google Docs presentation that included 21 slides with specific topics on each one. It was called a “post card” quiz because one slide would be a photo, and the next slide (like flipping over the post card) would include the content from our readings. To take it even a step further and to test my deeper understanding, the photo had to be a metaphor of the topic, not a 1:1 correlation. So, for example, when talking about systematic models, I showed a picture of a haphazardly wired telephone pole here in Nepal that demonstrated lack of order or planning.

I like Google Docs, even though the applications are rather basic. It provides students with an open-source option that can be accessed or edited from anywhere, while still providing sufficient practice with a software-specific platform. Since I like more design options than what is offered, I imported slides I created in Keynote for more visual appeal. The result is a product that took a long time but truly tested my reading knowledge in a much more interesting – and lasting – way than a standard written assessment would have.

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