STEM at the Border

I recently returned from some adventure-filled technology outreach to the Nepal/India border town of Birgunj. I posted several photos and observations about my experience on my website (click the image). What a thrilling experience, as always.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.41.27 PM


2 thoughts on “STEM at the Border

  1. Hi Gretel didi!
    You are great because you have helped our Nepali Access students enter into the technology. Is it possible if you again come to Gorkha and help our second cohort students?
    Upendra Babu Dhakal
    Gorkha Nepal.

    • Namaste Upendra dhai!
      Thanks for your kind comment. I wish I could get to Gorkha as it holds a special place in my heart. However, my schedule is so busy until we leave Nepal soon that I don’t think it’s going to happen. Tell the students hello — how is the Dell Streak 7 working out?

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