EdTech 541: Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum

Spring 2012
EdTech 541 Syllabus

I am looking forward to this course, though much of it will be new to me. It is a course that meets a requirement for my certificate in Technology Integration, and I’m sure it will prove useful. Rather than contributing to all forum discussions through Moodle, in this course I will post on my blog instead. I will work diligently in this course, as it is assumed I have extensive knowledge of pedagogy and methodology that I do not. It’s bound to be an exciting ride.

**April 2012 Update**
I have completed this course. I was about to delete the paragraph above but decided to keep it to demonstrate how far I’ve come. This course has opened my eyes to technology integration strategies and planning and has helped me solidify the direction I want to go in my career. I have worked hard on these assignments — really hard — and I hope they prove useful to someone, somewhere. They have been for me.

I have developed a collection of multimedia presentations and technology supported lessons suitable for professional development or training activities. Each week I have added a new resource.

My course project website is found here:
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Click on the ‘Projects’ tab for class projects. For similar blog entries on my learning log, I have linked the projects below:

Vision Statement 
Relative Advantage Chart
Networking Project

Instructional Software
Multimedia Presentations
Spreadsheets and Databases
Social Networking
Virtual Field Trip
Video Integration
Content Area
Assistive/Adaptive Technology

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