Yet another benefit of technology

Last night we experienced an earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal. It measured 6.9 at the epicenter about 150 miles away in Sikkam, India. While we were all ‘shaken up’ a bit, especially our four children, we suffered no bodily or property damage. I was reminded again of the positive and effective uses of technology in such scenarios. Of course, technology in the classroom is the main focus of the EdTech program, but technology in our daily lives is pretty great too. Here are a few examples:

  • Our earthquake alarm sounded about 15 seconds before we could feel the earth shake. Since our family had practiced drills recently, we knew to take cover.
  • Within minutes after the earthquake stopped, we were in radio communication with the embassy as accountability measures began and information relayed
  • Our Internet (which can barely survive a heavy monsoon rain) stayed functioning. Within minutes we notified our parents via email that we were OK. We updated our Facebook status. Ten minutes later, on the iPad we checked this amazing earthquake site for details on the quake so we could prepare for aftershocks (which thankfully didn’t reach us).
  • Since phones (land and mobile) were overloaded, we Skyped our neighbors to check on their status.
  • Today, the day after, we checked the newspaper headlines to learn any additional information and gain a better perspective of what happened.

Technology truly is a blessing that reaches into every aspect of our lives. I realize things would have been less functional in a more major disaster, but it was a reminder to me how many tools we have if we are able to utilize them.

At the end of the day, however, it’s having my husband and children safely sleeping next to me, that is the greatest blessing of all…