Copyright Scavenger Hunt

Well, lists may be the end of me!

This week in EdTech 502, I created a new website addressing copyright issues. I chose to make it kind of an overview to copyright, fair use, creative commons, and practical application of these ideas in the classroom. These issues are very legal and complex, and I learned a great deal in my research. I also realized how little I know.

In addition to tackling a large topic and organizing it into a presentable format, I created two websites to portray all of this information (a test and the answer key) and a downloadable worksheet. I used lists, with icons I created myself in Adobe Fireworks (aren’t they cute?). Lists seem so easy, and in theory they should be, but with all the <ul> tags I had 26 errors to correct in my XHTML code. I also mistakenly created a new CSS rather used the same one for both web pages, and it was harder that it should have been to remove the one and get my CSS page to validate.

After several agonizing hours, here is my completed project:

Don’t even THINK about criticizing it…