Concept Map: Social Networking for Beginners

Concept Map: Social Networking for Beginners

This is getting easier — and much more fun. Yes! This week in EdTech 502, I created a concept map. I chose the topic of “Social Networking for Beginners” because I want to use it for my upcoming class of ACCESS students. I enjoyed learning some new skills and software for this assignment. I created a page banner at the top (from a picture my husband took of a ceramic plate in Morocco), a gradient background, and hot links on an image. The image itself was created in Fireworks, which is a new software for me and I enjoy it already. I loved discovering Kuler, which makes me really excited about color, especially the ability to match an imported image from Flickr. Cool! I also created a favicon, which is a first for me. While I could spend hours fiddling with many aspects of this page, I’m pleased with my work.

Here’s a mini view of it: