Relative Advantage of Instructional Software in the Classroom

Teachers have a responsibility to equip their students with knowledge that will prove useful throughout the course of their lives. Current methods should be examined and a teacher must determine if goals are being met and what might be adjusted in order to achieve more. Numerous technology tools are available–even to those with limited resources–that can greatly enhance student experience. Research shows that when teachers wisely evaluate, select, and implement instructional software in the classroom, student achievement, retention, and motivation increases. Students also gain valuable 21st-Century skills that help equip them to be lifelong learners.

I created this presentation for a group of English teachers here in Nepal. I outline advantages of integrating instructional software that will help students enhance and practice their English skills in ways not possible through traditional exercises. Most of the resources I’ve listed are free and accessible online from anywhere. While students do not have computer access at home, they can use cyber cafes around town to practice emerging language skills through drills and tutorials. Teachers can also use their computer in the classroom for group role-playing, vocabulary drills, educational games, and pronunciation guides. I think they would see maximum benefit for minimal effort.